Looks like you’ve got your days and nights mixed up!

How many times have I heard that? Thought I would post a picture for my fans. I have been up for 17 days now, I think. It’s the Dunkin Donuts whole bean blend! It tends to get stuck between your teeth but it sure do gives me energy. Next time I am going to try grinding it an putting it in the coffee maker. A busy man like me has to have many hours to get stuff done and were it not for java lord knows how far behind I’d be right now. . I don’t know what I would do with out these AMAZING beans!

I got a lot done today. Still a little more to get done. I will finish up next week when I awaken. Hope all is well for everybody who is reading this.

Post Script: Eat more burgers.

One thought on “Looks like you’ve got your days and nights mixed up!”

  1. MAN! I just looked at that pic as I surf from my phn prior to bed. I just get better looking every day Kinda nervous about tomorrow. PAYDAY!

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