hey good looking! (It helps me to write if I imagine you are a hot babe sitting on your couch in your p.j.’s)

I am blogging from windows live writer from within my internet explorer. (IE 7) I hit a little button that said “blog this in Windows Live Writer” and discovered that I have a Windows Live Writer. HUH! Try it you’ll like it.

So you are probably wondering what’s new in my life (I mean people just have a need to know, its a juxtaposition with fame I’d guess), so I am at this point obligated to update you because my people deserve to be kept informed! It has been a long day so I shan’t be too long at this keyboard. Besides, I might not even know you.

Saw a sign today that said no God no change, know God know change…get it?

I have my over sized wood burning stove absolutely loaded and burning so scorching hot that I hear the pots of water on the top boiling and I can smell the drying wood stacked above it. Its also slightly warm in here at about 90 degrees, windows open and fan on, I have to do this though in order to dry the wood that was a tree less than a month ago. Wet oak has a very unique smell, wish you were here.

Okay you can go to bed now…I have work to do. I will warm up more to this blogging thing each day. Not that I need a life or anything. At least I am not sitting around listening to Dr. Phil talk about women who cannot leave an abusive relationship, as he attacks this idiot that says he wants help and the they, oh never mind.

Have peace,

One thought on “ANOTHER SPOT ON THE INTERNET’s Blog – Windows Live”

  1. I think Dr. Phil is right…he should go away for a year and get counseling and she should get her son back.

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