Here’s some more pictures (I really need a life)

I am so ticked about this toilet paper thing. As if I don’t have enough stress in my life now my toilet paper won’t fit in the darn holder. And what’s up with this blog maker thing won’t let me see the beginning of the lines I type when I get toward the end of the line. And every time I type i it doesn’t automatically capitalize, yet it will immediately tell me when I have a word spelled wrong by using the red squiggly line underneath the word. Russell Brand is on Dave tonight. I used to like him until he started charging for his podcast. You know who he is? _________ yes _________no ________all of the above. Ask your doctor if you could benefit from Celebrex.

Here’s some pictures i haven’t yet taken time to title and add comments but i will get that done in my spare time here in the near future. There’s a sexy star bubble bath on the next ET and my good friend Mike who doesn’t have internet wants me to tell the world (only because he can’t) that the greatest band ever is LED ZEPPELIN. Hope you are happy Mike.

God Bless ya,

Pictures are gone–I am not


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