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Funny stuff hopefully

mommer and dadder

Maybe you can see the little one between these two?


Here’s some more pictures (I really need a life)

I am so ticked about this toilet paper thing. As if I don’t have enough stress in my life now my toilet paper won’t fit in the darn holder. And what’s up with this blog maker thing won’t let me see the beginning of the lines I type when I get toward the end of the line. And every time I type i it doesn’t automatically capitalize, yet it will immediately tell me when I have a word spelled wrong by using the red squiggly line underneath the word. Russell Brand is on Dave tonight. I used to like him until he started charging for his podcast. You know who he is? _________ yes _________no ________all of the above. Ask your doctor if you could benefit from Celebrex.

Here’s some pictures i haven’t yet taken time to title and add comments but i will get that done in my spare time here in the near future. There’s a sexy star bubble bath on the next ET and my good friend Mike who doesn’t have internet wants me to tell the world (only because he can’t) that the greatest band ever is LED ZEPPELIN. Hope you are happy Mike.

God Bless ya,

Pictures are gone–I am not



Hello Fans,

Thought I’d drop a quick note before I go yachting again today. No, you don’t have to tell me not to anchor on the reef. Yes, we all have life jackets that, in which, are not cumbersome to swim. Afterward we are going to Hard Rock, if I can get in without getting mobbed this time. I am announcing this time so there will be no disguise! Maybe I will see you there.

Not much else going on today. I watched a couple games and my car came in 12th in the race. We will get them next week!

In Peace,



hey good looking! (It helps me to write if I imagine you are a hot babe sitting on your couch in your p.j.’s)

I am blogging from windows live writer from within my internet explorer. (IE 7) I hit a little button that said “blog this in Windows Live Writer” and discovered that I have a Windows Live Writer. HUH! Try it you’ll like it.

So you are probably wondering what’s new in my life (I mean people just have a need to know, its a juxtaposition with fame I’d guess), so I am at this point obligated to update you because my people deserve to be kept informed! It has been a long day so I shan’t be too long at this keyboard. Besides, I might not even know you.

Saw a sign today that said no God no change, know God know change…get it?

I have my over sized wood burning stove absolutely loaded and burning so scorching hot that I hear the pots of water on the top boiling and I can smell the drying wood stacked above it. Its also slightly warm in here at about 90 degrees, windows open and fan on, I have to do this though in order to dry the wood that was a tree less than a month ago. Wet oak has a very unique smell, wish you were here.

Okay you can go to bed now…I have work to do. I will warm up more to this blogging thing each day. Not that I need a life or anything. At least I am not sitting around listening to Dr. Phil talk about women who cannot leave an abusive relationship, as he attacks this idiot that says he wants help and the they, oh never mind.

Have peace,