And you don’t even know

i remember and i SHOULD NOT FORGET the harm. To avoid i live each day the pain i caused along my way. Your tears did not fall in vain; progressive teardom. Baby my heart aches right now as i wonder at the immenseness of my harm and here awake to tears of my own and barely exist as a man. Just when you needed me most. How can i say i miss you. i stare into the darkness and deserve no light i KNOW. There was something where i was not.The way ya looked at me. the hurt, i packed, i turned and i walked away. i done all i can do but you are staying on my mind. i know you still believe.

These tears are yours and you don’t even know. What good are they? Thanks for the lesson. Salvation out of reach…i live to not hurt again. i have you here, so near, all i can do is do what i must and i do it well. Bob, Tom, John and Lou will you please stop. One more time to kill the pain, tired of this town again. Buckets of rain, buckets of tears, got all them buckets coming out my ears, buckets of moon beams in my hand, you’ve  got a love honey baby i can stand; me and all my friends we’re all misunderstood. they say we stand for nothing and there’s no way we ever could. Just a perfect day feed animals in the park then later a movie too and then home. Such a perfect day. i thought i was someone else someone good. i am glad i spent it with you…you keep me hanging on. Your going to reap just what you sow. No such thing as a real world just a lie you’ve got to rise above. You will know what all this time is for.

Thanks dudes.

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